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Screenhunter Pro Keygen is a powerful screenshot and screen recording software for capturing images and videos of your computer screen. With robust features like full webpage screenshots, annotations, built-in editing tools, and seamless sharing options, Screenhunter Pro stands out among alternative screen capture tools.

This in-depth guide will cover everything you need to know about using Screenhunter Pro to take customized screenshots and recordings on Windows and Mac.

What is Screenhunter Pro Keygen?

Screenhunter Pro Download free is a screenshot software developed by Blueberry Software that enables users to take screenshots and recordings of their computer screen.

Some key features include:

  • Full webpage capture – Screenhunter can take screenshots of entire webpages, not just the portion visible on screen. This allows you to capture content that requires scrolling.

  • Annotations – Draw shapes, add text boxes, blur sensitive areas, and highlight key elements right within Screenhunter.

  • Built-in editing – Use Screenhunter’s editing tools to crop, resize, blur, and more without needing another program.

  • Screen recording – Record your on-screen actions, system audio, microphone audio, and webcam video.

  • Application integration – Screenhunter seamlessly integrates with popular applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop, and email for sharing.

  • Available for Windows and Mac – Screenhunter Pro works on both Windows and macOS.

screenhunter pro Keygen

Why Use Screenhunter Pro Instead of Other Screen Capture Tools?

So why choose Full version crack Screenhunter Pro Keygen over the myriad of other screenshot apps out there? Here are some of the key advantages Screenhunter has over competitors:

  • Full page capture – Unlike most tools that can only capture the portion of a webpage visible on your screen, Screenhunter can screenshot entire webpages no matter how long they are. This ensures you don’t miss any content.

  • Annotation capabilities – Screenhunter lets you annotate screenshots with shapes, text boxes, arrows, highlights, and blurring. This helps call attention to important elements without needing a separate image editor.

  • Seamless integrations – Instantly export screenshots into Office apps like Word and PowerPoint or graphic editors like Photoshop. Screenhunter also integrates with over 1,000 apps via Zapier.

  • Available on Windows and Mac – Many screenshot tools are OS-specific, whereas Screenhunter works great on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

  • Recording functionality – Capture on-screen videos, webcam footage, and system audio all in one tool with Screenhunter’s robust recording capabilities.

Screenhunter Pro Key Features and Benefits

Here is an overview of some of the most important features in Screenhunter Pro Free download and why they are useful:

Full Webpage Capture

Screenhunter’s full webpage capture functionality lets you take screenshots of entire webpages, not just what’s visible on your screen at one time. This ensures you capture the full content.

Scrolling Screenshot Options

Capture webpages that require scrolling to view all the content using Screenhunter’s vertical and horizontal scrolling screenshot modes. Set custom sizes too.

Timed Screenshots

Use Screenhunter’s timing options to take screenshots with a delay. This allows you to set up shots in advance.

Simultaneous Screen and Webcam Recording

Record your screen and webcam video simultaneously for software demos, tutorials, and more. Add system audio too.

Image Annotation Tools

Annotate screenshots using Screenhunter’s array of shape, text, arrow, blur, and highlight tools without needing another program.

Built-in Editing Capabilities

Crop, resize, blur, highlight, and more using Screenhunter’s editing tools to customize screenshots without needing another editor.

Instant Sharing Options

Quickly share screenshots via email, social media, Microsoft Office apps, Photoshop, and over 1,000 other programs that integrate with Screenhunter.

How to Use Screenhunter Pro Keygen to Capture Screenshots

Let’s go over how to use Full version crack Screenhunter Pro’s core features to take customized screenshots:

Full Page Screenshots

To capture full length webpages:

  • Use the browser extension or open the main Screenhunter app
  • Set timer and scrolling preferences
  • Click the camera button to take the shot
  • The entire webpage will be captured as an image
  • Save the image or open the editor to annotate

Selected Region Screenshots

To take screenshots of a selected area:

  • Open Screenhunter Pro and select the region capture tool
  • Click and drag your cursor to define the desired area
  • Adjust the rectangular region as needed
  • The defined area will be captured when you click the camera button

Individual Window Screenshots

To capture screenshots of a single open window:

  • Hover your cursor over the window you want to capture
  • A small camera icon will appear in the title bar
  • Click the camera icon to take the screenshot
  • Only that window will be captured, not other interface elements

How to Record Your Screen with Screenhunter Pro

In addition to screenshots, Screenhunter Pro enables you to easily record your on-screen actions:

  • Open Screenhunter Pro and go to Video Recording settings
  • Select recording preferences like quality, resolution, and frame rates
  • Click the record button to start capturing your screen
  • Pause, stop, and restart recording as needed
  • Trim the start and end points after completion

Editing and Annotating Screenshots in Screenhunter Pro

Screenhunter has a full suite of editing tools to customize your screenshots without needing another program:

Adding Text and Shapes

Insert text boxes and shapes like arrows, rectangles, circles, and lines to call attention to elements:

  • Select the text or shapes tool
  • Click and drag to create the object
  • Customize colors, sizes, fonts, etc.

Blurring Sensitive Information

Blur text or imagery to obscure sensitive information:

  • Choose the blur tool
  • Drag your cursor to select the area you want blurred
  • Adjust the blur intensity as needed

Cropping Images

Crop screenshots to remove unwanted elements and focus on key areas:

  • Use the crop tool to define the area you want to keep
  • The rest of the image will be automatically removed

Resizing Images

Easily resize screenshots by changing the dimension values or using selection tools:

  • Be careful not to distort images when resizing
  • Use the auto-resize option to resize proportionally

Sharing and Exporting Screenshots

Screenhunter makes it simple to share and export your screenshots:

Save Screenshots

Save screenshots on your computer in formats like JPG, PNG, GIF and more. Adjust compression and image quality.

Share Instantly

One click uploading lets you instantly share screenshots on social media, blogs, cloud hosts like Imgur, email, and more.

Export and Integration

Export screenshots into Photoshop, Microsoft Office apps like Word and PowerPoint, and 1,000+ other programs via Zapier.

Screenhunter Pro Pricing and Plans

Screenhunter Pro offers the following pricing options:

  • Free trial – Fully featured 7-day free trial
  • Personal license – $69.95 for home use on 1 PC
  • Business license – Starting at $199.95 for 5 PCs
  • Enterprise pricing – Custom pricing for large organizations. Contact sales.
  • Subscription or perpetual – Subscription or lifetime license purchase
  • Volume discounts – Discounts on multi-license purchases

Screenhunter Pro vs Alternative Screen Capture Tools

How does Screenhunter Pro compare to popular alternative screen capture tools?

Software Full Page Capture Annotation Tools Screen Recording Cross-platform
Screenhunter Pro Yes Yes Yes Windows & Mac
Snagit No Yes Yes Windows Only
Greenshot No Basic No Windows Only
Lightshot No No No Windows & Mac

As you can see, Screenhunter Pro Download free stands out with its full webpage screenshots, built-in annotations, screen recording, and cross-platform availability.

screenhunter pro Keygen

Conclusion and Summary

Screenhunter Pro Keygen is an excellent screenshot and screen recording tool that enables full webpage capture, image annotations, built-in editing, instant sharing, and screen recording.

Key strengths include annotating tools, full length webpage screenshots, application integration, and availability on both Windows and Mac.

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