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Looking for a fast, easy way to create a professional resume that will help you land interviews? Resumemaker Professional Deluxe Keygen is a top-rated resume building software that makes it simple to build impressive, customized resumes in minutes.

With its large library of templates, pre-written examples, and easy drag and drop formatting, Resumemaker Professional Deluxe takes the hassle out of resume writing. This Resumemaker Professional Deluxe review covers everything you need to know about key features, capabilities, pros and cons, pricing, and more.

Whether you are a first-time job seeker, changing careers, or just looking to update your current resume, Resumemaker Professional Deluxe can help you create a polished resume that stands out.

What is Resumemaker Professional Deluxe Keygen?

Resumemaker Professional Deluxe Download free is a powerful resume building software created by CareerIGNITE. It provides users with pre-made resume templates, job-specific examples, an intuitive drag and drop builder, and easy export options to quickly create professional resumes tailored to your experience and skills.

Some of the key features and capabilities of Resumemaker Professional Deluxe include:

  • Hundreds of pre-made resume templates – Choose from different designs and formats for all industries and experience levels. Templates are optimized for applicant tracking systems.

  • Drag and drop resume builder – Easily customize resume sections by dragging and dropping content. polished formatting.

  • Pre-written job specific text – Draw from thousands of ready-made bullet points tailored for different jobs to describe your experience quickly.

  • Custom fonts and colors – Personalize the look and feel of your resume by changing fonts, colors, and layouts.

  • Cover letter templates – Build a professional cover letter to complement your resume.

  • Shareable online resume – Host your resume online and track viewer engagement with analytics.

  • Resume diagnostics – Checks your resume for errors and analyzes to ensure it is optimized for applicant tracking systems.

  • Video tutorials – Learn how to use the software easily with step-by-step video tutorials.

Resumemaker Professional Deluxe offers individual, student, and family packages ranging from $39.95 per year for a single user to $59.95 per year for up to 5 resumes.

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Benefits of Using Resumemaker Professional Deluxe

There are many advantages to using Full version crack Resumemaker Professional Deluxe Keygen for creating your resume:

  • Saves time – The resume templates, pre-written text examples, and intuitive drag and drop editor reduce resume writing time significantly. You can craft a professional resume in under 30 minutes.

  • Looks professional – The pre-made templates create a polished, visually appealing resume tailored to your industry and job.

  • Customizable – Make the resume your own by customizing the template, fonts, colors, and layout. Expand sections important to you.

  • Optimized for ATS – Templates are optimized for applicant tracking systems that scan resumes. This increases chances your resume gets past screening.

  • Help writing content – Struggling to describe your experience? Use the thousands of pre-written examples tailored to different jobs.

  • Variety of export options – Download your resume as a PDF or Word doc. Create an online resume. Upload to job sites.

  • Analytics – Use the analytics dashboard to see how your online resume is performing and optimize accordingly.

Resumemaker Professional Deluxe is an ideal resume solution for:

  • Job seekers looking for an efficient way to create a customized, professional resume quickly
  • People struggling to format and organize resume content appropriately
  • Those without much experience writing resumes or from different backgrounds
  • Career changers tailoring their experience to a new industry
  • First-time job seekers who need help summarizing their skills and education

Key Features and Tools

The software provides users with everything needed to build, customize, and export professional resumes including:

Hundreds of Resume Templates

Resumemaker Professional Deluxe offers over 130 resume templates designed by career experts and optimized for applicant tracking systems. Templates are available for all industries and experience levels. Choose from various designs, colors, and formats.

Popular templates include:

  • Classic
  • Modern
  • Academic
  • IT/Software

Intuitive Drag and Drop Resume Builder

The drag and drop resume builder makes it simple for anyone to make a professional looking resume. Just drag sections like Work Experience, Education, Skills to re-order. Expand or minimize sections by adding more content.

Library of Pre-written Job Specific Content

One of the most powerful features is the library containing thousands of pre-written examples for your work experience and skills tailored to different jobs. This makes it fast and easy to accurately describe your qualifications.

Automatic Highlighting of Key Sections

Resumemaker Professional Deluxe highlights the most critical information like Work Experience and Education in bold or italic to quickly draw the reader’s eye.

Full Customization of Design

Tailor the look and feel of your resume by changing fonts, colors, text size, spacing and more. Expand sections by adding paragraphs if you need more space.

Cover Letter Templates

Professionally designed cover letter templates are available to complement your resume template. Personalize the content quickly with just a few clicks.

Online Resume Website

You can publish your resume online as a shareable web page and track viewer analytics to see how well your resume is performing.

Download PDF and Word Doc

Easily download and export your finished resume in PDF or Word doc formats. The PDF resumes are formatted to look exactly like the online version.

Resume Diagnostics

The software will scan your resume to check for errors, typos, formatting issues and ensure it is optimized for applicant tracking system screening.

Video Tutorials

If you need extra help learning how to use Resumemaker Professional Deluxe, numerous step-by-step video tutorials walk you through the entire resume builder process.

Creating a Resume with Resumemaker Professional Deluxe

Here is an overview of the step-by-step process to easily create a resume with Resumemaker Professional Deluxe:

Choose a Resume Template

Browse the resume template catalog to find an industry-specific template optimal for your experience level and job. Modern, academic, creative and professional templates are available.

ConsiderResume Type (Chronological, functional etc) – Choose a resume format suitable for your work history. Chronological best for steady progression, functional for gaps in employment.

Customize Sections

Customize and arrange the sections using the simple drag and drop interface. Expand sections like Work Experience if you have more content. Delete unnecessary sections.

Use Pre-written Examples

The software makes it easy to accurately describe qualifications by letting you search thousands of pre-written examples for each resume section tailored to your industry and job.

Enter Your Personal Details

Easily add your contact information, skills, education, experience, certifications into the designated fields. Resumemaker Professional Deluxe populates it into the resume template for you.

Format and Design

Make the resume your own by customizing fonts, text sizes, colors, margins and layouts. Bold or italicize sections. Re-arrange content.

Export Your Resume

When complete, export your resume in PDF, Html, or Word formats. Additional options like hosting an online resume or uploading to job boards are also available.

Follow the resume creation tutorials to learn how to use the software like a pro.

Who Should Use Resumemaker Professional Deluxe Keygen?

Resumemaker Professional Deluxe Free download is an effective resume building solution for:

  • Job Seekers – Create customized, professional resumes efficiently. Reduce resume writing time from hours to minutes.

  • Career Changers – Showcase transferable skills and re-focus resume for new industry. Identify gaps in qualifications.

  • First Time Job Seekers – those with little or no prior work experience. Software provides content and examples tailored to entry-level applicants.

  • Students – Highlight relevant coursework. tools to summarize internships and extracurricular. Formats suited for academic resumes.

  • Experienced Professionals – For those struggling to summarize decades of achievements or complex projects. Pre-written examples available for senior roles.

  • Poor Resume Writers – Anyone who needs help writing or lacks time to create resume from scratch. Ideal for those who don’t like writing.

Pros and Cons of Resumemaker Professional Deluxe

Here is an overview of the main advantages and potential drawbacks of using Resumemaker Professional Deluxe:


  • Reduces resume writing time from hours to minutes
  • Intuitive drag and drop editing
  • Beautiful pre-made templates for all industries
  • Customization of templates, colors, fonts
  • Ideal for those struggling with writing
  • Job-specific examples and text
  • Mobile responsive online resume
  • Analytics to track resume performance


  • Monthly subscription fee
  • Limited completely unique design options
  • Pre-set content makes some resumes seem similar
  • Lack of personalization for sections
  • More limited functionality in free version
  • Requires learning software to maximize benefits

Alternatives to Resumemaker Professional Deluxe

Some top alternative resume builder services include:

  • Novor?sum? – AI powered resume builder with personalized insights starting at $3.99 per month.

  • Zety – Database of resume examples and templates. Collaborative editing and sharing. Free and paid plans.

  • Canva – Graphic design platform with modern resume templates. Limited pre-written text. Free version available.

While Resumemaker Professional Deluxe Free download offers more resume examples and templates, the alternatives provide greater personalization and design flexibility for those wanting completely customized resumes.

FAQs About Resumemaker Professional Deluxe

Does Resumemaker Professional Deluxe really work?

Yes, Resumemaker Professional Deluxe simplifies and speeds up resume writing. The combination of pre-made templates and industry-specific examples allows users to make polished, professional resumes with minimal effort.

How much does Resumemaker Professional Deluxe cost?

Pricing starts at $3.99 per month for individual plans. Discounted annual subscriptions are available along with packages for multiple resumes and add-ons.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, Resumemaker Professional Deluxe offers flexible subscription plans that can be cancelled anytime. You maintain full access until the billing cycle ends.

Does Resumemaker Professional Deluxe offer cover letters?

Yes, professionally designed cover letter templates are available that can be customized to complement your resume.

Is there a Resumemaker Professional Deluxe free trial?

Yes, a 7-day free trial is available allowing you to test the key features before subscribing. Limits apply on exports and full customization with the trial.

Resumemaker Professional Deluxe Keygen

Final Thoughts

Resumemaker Professional Deluxe Keygen makes creating a resume fast, straightforward, and uncomplicated. The large catalog of expertly designed resume templates and pre-written job-specific examples allow you to make a professional, polished resume in minutes, without any writing.

Customization options give flexibility while the drag and drop editor ensures anyone can build a resume perfectly formatted for both applicant tracking systems and hiring managers.

If you need to create or update your resume quickly, Resumemaker Professional Deluxe is an ideal choice. The software reduces the headaches and frustration of resume writing. Just pick a template, add pre-written examples, make minor tweaks, and export a resume that makes you look like a star candidate.

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