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Nitro Pro Keygen is a popular PDF editing software that makes working with PDFs easy and efficient. With its wide range of features for creating, converting, editing, reviewing and securing PDFs, Nitro Pro is a versatile tool used by individuals and businesses worldwide. This comprehensive guide will explain everything you need to know about using Nitro Pro Download free.

What is Nitro Pro Keygen?

Nitro Pro Full version crack is a PDF software created by Nitro Software Inc. in 2005. It allows you to:

  • Create PDFs from 300+ file formats
  • Edit text, images and links in PDFs
  • Add and edit comments or track reviews
  • Sign PDFs using certificates or digital signatures
  • Secure and restrict PDFs
  • Convert PDFs to/from Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more

Key benefits of using Nitro Pro:

  • All-in-one PDF solution for any need
  • Better value than Adobe Acrobat
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Excellent compatibility across devices
  • Helps automate document workflows

Nitro Pro is used by professionals across many industries like legal, financial, healthcare, education and more. It’s beneficial for anyone who needs an efficient way to work with PDF documents.

Nitro Pro Keygen

Top Features and Tools of Nitro Pro Keygen

Nitro Pro Free download comes packed with features to edit, convert, review and secure PDFs. Here are some of its most useful capabilities:

Editing Tools

  • Annotate and comment – Add text boxes, shapes, freehand drawing
  • Edit text and images – Add, replace or edit text or images in original PDFs
  • Drawing markup – Highlight, underline, strikethrough text

Conversion Tools

  • Convert to Word, Excel, PowerPoint – With formatting intact
  • Batch conversion of multiple files
  • Create PDFs from 300+ formats – Office docs, images, HTML and more

Collaboration Tools

  • Comment and markup – Add stamps, text comments
  • Track reviews – Manage feedback from reviewers
  • Enable real-time collaboration – Multiple authors can co-author

Security Tools

  • Password protection – Restrict with user or master password
  • Redaction – Permanently remove sensitive text or images
  • Digital signatures – Validate signatures, sign certification

Creation Tools

  • Merge files – Combine various documents into a single PDF
  • Batch create PDFs – Convert multiple files to PDF at once
  • Create from scanner – Scan to PDF using any TWAIN scanner

Mobile Access

  • Mobile apps – Edit, sign, annotate PDFs on iOS and Android
  • Fill and sign forms – Fill interactive PDF forms on mobile


  • Convert image-based PDFs into searchable and editable text
  • Batch OCR processing – Handle multiple files at once

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How to Use Nitro Pro – Key Functions Explained

Here are step-by-step guides for using some of the major features and tools in Download free Nitro Pro:

Creating PDFs

  1. Click Create PDF and select the file type you want to convert – Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.
  2. Choose the specific file and click Create.
  3. Configure settings like page size, image compression and more.
  4. Click Create PDF to convert the file.

Editing Text and Images in PDFs

  1. Open the PDF file and ensure you have editing rights.
  2. Use the Edit tab to edit text, insert images or shapes, or manipulate pages.
  3. When done, click Save or Save As to overwrite or save a copy.

Adding Comments and Track Changes

  1. Go to Comment tab and select the type of markup or comment.
  2. Add comments by clicking or highlighting text and images.
  3. Manage and reply to comments using the comments pane.
  4. Use Review tab to track changes and manage feedback.

Signing Documents Digitally

  1. Click on Protect tab and select Sign & Certify and Place Signature.
  2. Create a digital ID if you don’t have one.
  3. Configure signature settings like appearance and location.
  4. Save the signed copy to make signatures legally binding.

Converting PDFs to Other Formats

  1. Click Convert tab and select the desired output format – Word, Excel etc.
  2. Choose to convert specific pages, entire document or selected area.
  3. Configure settings like image and font handling.
  4. Click Convert button to export PDF to selected format.

Combining Files into a Single PDF

  1. Go to Home tab and choose Combine Files into PDF.
  2. Click Add files and select the files you want to merge.
  3. Arrange the file order using up/down arrows.
  4. Click Combine Files button to merge selected files into a PDF.

Tips and Tricks for Using Nitro Pro Efficiently

Here are some handy tips and shortcuts to use Nitro Pro Free download more efficiently:

  • Use keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+B for bold text, Ctrl+U for underline etc.
  • Customize the Quick Access Toolbar with frequently used tools.
  • Adjust the page display settings for smooth scrolling and reading.
  • Enable autosave and set backup frequency under Preferences.
  • Restrict editing and printing with passwords under Protect tab.
  • Automate workflows by creating custom Actions under Home tab.

Nitro Pro vs. Adobe Acrobat Comparison

Nitro Pro is often seen as a lower cost alternative to Adobe Acrobat. Here’s how they compare:

Feature Nitro Pro Adobe Acrobat
Cost $$ $$$$
Ease of Use Intuitive interface and layout Steep learning curve
Editing Tools Good set of PDF editing tools More advanced editing capabilities
Cloud Storage Integrates with Google Drive and OneDrive Seamless syncing with Adobe Document Cloud
Mobile Apps Android, iOS, Windows apps available More full-featured mobile apps
OCR Built-in OCR capabilities Need Acrobat Pro for OCR
Support Email, chat, phone support Phone, chat, forum support

Overall, Nitro Pro provides excellent value and covers PDF needs for most users. But Acrobat Pro has more advanced features for power users.

How Much Does Nitro Pro Cost?

Nitro Pro Keygen is licensed based on number of users and the edition. Here are the pricing options:

  • Nitro Pro Individual – For single users. $159.99 per license.
  • Nitro Pro Business – For 5+ users. Starts at $159.99 per user. Volume discounts available.
  • Nitro Pro Enterprise – For unlimited users. Custom enterprise pricing.

You can also buy or upgrade to the Pro+ edition which includes features like password protection, redaction, and batch conversion.

Nitro often runs seasonal sales around 30-35% off individual licenses. And businesses can get discounts for multi-year or multi-license purchases.

Nitro Pro Keygen

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Nitro Pro Keygen makes working with PDFs much more efficient. With its wide range of features for creating, editing, converting, reviewing and securing PDFs, Nitro Pro is a complete PDF solution suitable for any use case.

Key benefits include great value, an intuitive interface, excellent format compatibility and handy mobile apps. While it may not have the same advanced capabilities as Adobe Acrobat, it more than meets the needs of most individual and business users at a lower cost.

To summarize, Nitro Pro is recommended for anyone looking for an affordable, user-friendly PDF editor that can handle any common PDF task. Its excellent tools and ongoing development promise a bright future ahead.

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