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TreeSize Free Keygen is a free disk space analyzer for Windows that helps identify what’s consuming space across your local, removable, and network drives. With its interactive tree map view and detailed usage statistics, TreeSize Free makes it easy to pinpoint where your disk space has gone and reclaim needed capacity.

What is TreeSize Free Keygen?

Developed by German software company Jam Software, TreeSize Free is a full-featured disk space analyzer and cleanup utility. As the name suggests, it’s available completely free for personal and commercial use.

TreeSize Free Full version crack scans selected local, removable, and network drives and visually displays their folder sizes in an interactive tree map view. You can easily drill down into subfolders to see which files and directories are occupying the most space.

Key features of Free download TreeSize Free Keygen include:

  • Tree map view – Interactive tree map visually displays folder sizes as nested rectangles.

  • Filtering – Filter by file type, date modified, size, and other attributes to isolate files.

  • Reporting – Export detailed reports in XLS, CSV, TXT formats.

  • Scheduling – Schedule automatic, recurring scans.

  • Portability – Use a portable version from a USB drive without installation.

With advanced filtering and reporting capabilities beyond most free utilities, TreeSize Free offers excellent value at no cost.

Treesize Free Keygen

Why Use TreeSize Free Keygen?

There are several benefits that make TreeSize Free Download free a worthwhile disk space analyzer:

  • It’s 100% free – There’s no trial period or need to pay for premium features. TreeSize Free is fully functional freeware.

  • Scans local and network drives – Get usage breakdowns of internal, external, and mapped network drives.

  • Fast, easy filtering – Quickly isolate large files, old files, or specific formats to clean up.

  • TreeMap visualization – Intuitively see disk usage patterns rather than just a list of files and folders.

  • Reporting – Export TreeSize scan results into spreadsheets for offline analysis and sharing.

  • Portability – The portable version lets you run TreeSize from a thumb drive on any Windows PC.

For identifying disk hogs for deletion, TreeSize Free provides powerful capabilities without the expense of paid tools like SpaceSniffer or WinDirStat.

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How Does TreeSize Free Work?

TreeSize Free Keygen scans selected drives and recursively analyzes the size of all folders, subfolders, and files within them down to the deepest nesting level.

The results are displayed as a tree map – a graphical representation that uses nested rectangles to illustrate hierarchical data. In TreeSize’s tree map, the rectangles represent folders with larger rectangles meaning larger folders based on the collective size of contents.

By clicking and drilling down into subfolders, you can quickly isolate which specific files and folders are consuming excess space. Helpful usage statistics and pie charts give you an overview of your disk space breakdown.

TreeSize Free’s tree map view makes it easy to visualize disk usage patterns and pinpoint space hogs.

To drill down further, you can right-click on any folder and choose “Open Subtree” to open an Explorer window directly to that location. This makes it easy to take action like deleting unnecessary files or moving data to external storage.

Other handy features like filtering, search, and scanning specific folders help analyze storage usage and reclaim capacity even faster.

Key Features and Benefits

Let’s look at some of the key features that make TreeSize Free Keygen such an effective disk space analyzer utility:

Tree Map Visualization

The interactive tree map view is what really sets TreeSize Free apart. Rather than just a boring list of files and folders, the tree map format makes it far easier and intuitive to interpret disk usage breakdowns visually. Nesting represents subfolders, and relative rectangle sizes illustrate comparative storage consumption.

Scan Local and Network Drives

TreeSize Free doesn’t just show you usage statistics for your local C: drive. It can scan and analyze all fixed and removable drives like USB sticks and memory cards plus mapped network shares. This provides complete visibility into disk usage across all accessible storage.

Powerful Filtering Options

Quickly isolate files over a certain size, date range, or specific type with TreeSize’s handy filters accessible from a right-click menu. Filtering enables drilling down directly to files you likely want to delete like old videos and backups or temporary folders.

Export Reports

For offline analysis or archiving, TreeSize Free lets you export complete scan reports in XLS, CSV and TXT formats. Reports include all file stats plus tree map images for documentation.

Portable Version

The portable version lets you run TreeSize Free directly from a USB drive without needing to install it. This allows using the disk space analyzer on any Windows PC where you have external drive access.

Scheduled Scans

Configure TreeSize Free to automatically scan selected drives on a schedule. This enables monitoring disk usage trends over time to spot increasing storage hogs.

Customizable Color Schemes

For easier visual analysis, you can pick a color palette that fits your personal preferences or color blindness needs.

How to Use TreeSize Free

Ready to start putting TreeSize Free to work analyzing your disk usage? Here is a step-by-step guide to using this powerful freeware:

Downloading and Installing TreeSize

Click the Download button to grab the installer. After downloading the small 2MB setup file, run it to install TreeSize Free.

The installation only takes a minute or two and does not require any special configuration. There is also an option during setup to have TreeSize Free quickly scan your system drive after installing.

Scanning Drives to Analyze Usage

Launch TreeSize Free, which opens the application window and dashboard view by default. This shows high-level usage statistics and pie charts for drives you have permission to access.

To scan a drive, click the “+” button in the toolbar and select it from the drive list. Local and mapped network drives will display here. You can also access removable media like USB drives and memory cards.

Check the box next to one or more drives to add them to the scan queue. Then click Scan to kick off the analysis.

Scanning may take several minutes depending on drive size, file count, and system resources. A progress bar tracks each scan.

Optionally, set filters to narrow your scan to specific file types, age ranges, or minimum size thresholds. This can speed up scan times.

Using TreeMap View to See Disk Usage

Once a scan completes, click on the drive in the dashboard to open the TreeMap view. This visually displays folder sizes in nested rectangles.

Click and drag to pan around the TreeMap. Drill down into subfolders by double-clicking the parent folder. Hover over any rectangle to see statistics like path, file count, and size.

Customize the TreeMap layout and color scheme in the toolbar to suit your preferences. Use filtering to isolate files by properties like type, size, and age.

Managing Scanned Drives

To the left of the TreeMap is a directory-style navigation pane making it easy to browse folders. Click a folder here to jump directly to its position in the TreeMap.

You can save scan results to easily revisit and compare disk usage against previous scans. Just click the Save icon in the toolbar.

Export complete TreeSize Free reports by clicking the Export toolbar button and selecting a format like XLS or CSV.

Right-click folders in the directory pane or TreeMap to access context options like deleting items, copying paths, filtering, and opening file locations.

Settings and Configuration

Access TreeSize Free’s settings by clicking Configure in the top toolbar. Here you can set default drives to auto-scan, customize columns in the file list, schedule recurring scans, and more.

Take some time to review available options in the settings and experiment with filters to customize the tool to your workflow. The settings are fairly self-explanatory.

Tips for Using TreeSize Free Effectively

Follow these tips and best practices to master disk space management with TreeSize Free:

  • Set filters before scanning to exclude known large folders like backups or games. This speeds up scans.
  • Schedule weekly or monthly scans to identify growing storage trends over time.
  • In TreeMap view, zoom out to get a high-level overview before drilling down.
  • Export TreeMap images to document cleanup progress over several scans.
  • Sort file lists by size, date, or type to easily identify cleanup candidates.
  • Check both file count and size – folder nesting can obscure large folders.
  • Occasionally scan the Recycle Bin for large recoverable files.

Using its powerful visualization and filtering, even novice users can quickly find disk space waste with Free download TreeSize Free. Following these tips will help you delete more unneeded data faster.

Treesize Free Keygen


Running out of disk space doesn’t have to be frustrating or require manually digging through folders. With TreeSize Free Keygen, anyone can conduct in-depth analysis of drive usage down to the deepest subfolders.

Between the intuitive tree map format, extensive filtering options, and ability to scan local and network drives, TreeSize Free is an incredibly feature-packed freeware utility. It makes both occasional and scheduled disk cleanup easy and painless.

If you’re struggling with a full hard drive or curious about your disk space breakdown, download TreeSize Free today and let the scanning begin! In just minutes, you can spot the storage hogs and reclaim capacity.

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