Bittorrent Pro Crack Free Full Activated

Bittorrent Pro Crack is the premium version of the popular Bittorrent file-sharing client. It provides advanced features and enhancements designed to optimize torrenting performance, protect user privacy, and enhance the overall torrenting experience.

How Bittorrent Pro Improves on the Free Version

The free, open-source Bittorrent client is used by over 150 million users worldwide. It allows for quick peer-to-peer downloading of files by breaking them into pieces shared between users.

Bittorrent Pro Crack enhances the free Bittorrent experience with premium features including:

  • No speed limits – Unlock fastest download speeds available. Free Bittorrent caps download speed.

  • No ads – Ad-free interface for smooth, uninterrupted torrenting.

  • Built-in VPN – Hide your IP address and location when torrenting for anonymous downloading.

  • Remote access – Manage torrents from any device through web or mobile app.

  • Media streaming – Play videos, music, and files while downloading the torrent.

  • Password protection – Lock your torrent client and settings behind a password.

  • IP blacklist – Block specific peers/IP addresses from connecting and seeing your IP.

  • 24/7 customer support – Direct assistance from Bittorrent customer support reps.

Bittorrent Pro Crack

Downloading and Installing Bittorrent Pro Crack

Bittorrent Pro Full version crack can be downloaded directly from the official Bittorrent website. It’s available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux operating systems.

To install Bittorrent Pro Crack:

  1. Download the Bittorrent Pro installer for your operating system.

  2. Open the installer and follow the setup wizard.

  3. Launch the Bittorrent Pro app. Enter your license key when prompted to activate Pro features.

  4. Configure any settings like download location, bandwidth limits, etc.

Once installed, Bittorrent Pro integrates seamlessly with existing torrent files and magnet links.

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Using Bittorrent Pro on Desktop

The Bittorrent Pro desktop app includes many features to enhance torrenting.

Finding Torrents

Use Bittorrent Pro’s built-in torrent search or find .torrent files manually online. Many public sites like The Pirate Bay, RARBG, 1337x provide torrent files to download.

Downloading Torrents

Simply open torrent files or magnet links in the Bittorrent Pro app. Files will start downloading to the designated location.

Managing Active Torrents

The app displays all active torrents. You can pause, resume, recheck, and prioritize downloads.

Streaming Media

Bittorrent Pro lets you stream video, music, and photo files while the torrent downloads. No need to wait for full download to start watching or listening.

VPN Protection

Enable the built-in VPN in Settings to encrypt connections and hide your IP address from peers, copyright enforcers, and ISPs.

Remote Access

Use the web app or mobile app to remotely control torrents, change settings, add new downloads etc.

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Using Bittorrent Pro on Mobile

Bittorrent Pro Crack offers dedicated apps for iOS and Android mobile devices. Mobile apps have features tailored for on-the-go torrenting.

  • Download and manage torrents from anywhere
  • Prioritize which torrents use mobile data
  • Stream media files directly to device
  • Enable VPN protection on cellular networks
  • Dark mode interface
  • Receive notifications when torrents complete
  • Control desktop client and start new downloads remotely

Mobile apps also sync settings and transfer states across devices.

Is Bittorrent Pro Safe to Use?

Using Bittorrent itself is technically legal. What’s illegal is downloading copyright-protected content through torrents. Bittorrent Pro includes features to enhance privacy and security when torrenting.


  • Built-in VPN hides your IP address from peers, copyright trolls, and ISPs snooping on downloading activity.

  • Encrypted peer connections for added layer of security.

  • No logs of user activity are stored by the app.


  • Password protection prevents unauthorized access if device is compromised.

  • Blacklist IP addresses of suspicious peers/bots/anti-piracy groups.

Despite these protections, there is always some risk torrenting copyrighted material without permission. Use common sense and avoid obviously illegal downloads.

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Comparing Bittorrent vs Bittorrent Pro Crack

Feature Bittorrent Bittorrent Pro
Max download speed Limited Unlimited
Built-in VPN ? ?
Ad-free interface ? ?
Remote access ? ?
Stream while downloading ? ?
Encrypted connections ? ?
Password protection ? ?
IP blacklist ? ?
Customer support Community forums 24/7 live chat

Bittorrent Pro Pricing and Plans

Bittorrent Pro is available through monthly and annual subscription plans:

  • Monthly: $4.99 per month

  • Annual: $19.99 per year (saves 58% vs monthly price)

Occasional promotional offers provide lower pricing or free months added to subscriptions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bittorrent Pro worth it?

For frequent torrent users, the unlimited speeds and extra privacy protections make Pro worth the price. More casual users may be fine with the free version.

Does Bittorrent Pro increase download speed?

Yes, by removing artificial speed limits you can achieve your maximum download speed potential.

Can you get Bittorrent Pro for free?

Legally, no. But some sketchy sites claim to offer free Pro license keys which are likely pirated. Use at your own risk.

What happens when Bittorrent Pro subscription ends?

You revert to the free Bittorrent client but keep all current downloads and settings. Need to renew Pro to regain premium features.

Is Bittorrent Pro safe from copyright notices?

Using any torrent service carries some risk. Bittorrent Pro minimizes risk but does not guarantee protection from copyright infringement allegations.

Bittorrent Pro Crack

Final Thoughts on Bittorrent Pro Crack

For frequent torrent users, the premium features of Bittorrent Pro Download free are well worth the small subscription fee. The ability to torrent safely and anonymously at the fastest speeds makes Bittorrent Pro a worthwhile upgrade over the free client. Just be mindful of copyright laws when torrenting.

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