Itop Screen Recorder Pro Crack Full Free

Screen recorders allow you to capture video and audio of your screen activities. They have a wide variety of uses from creating tutorials to recording gameplay. If you want a powerful, full-featured screen recording program for Windows, Itop Screen Recorder Pro Crack is an excellent choice.

What is Itop Screen Recorder Pro Crack?

Itop Screen Recorder Pro Crack is screen capture software developed specifically for Windows operating systems. Some standout features include:

  • Screen and webcam recording – Simultaneously record your screen and webcam video
  • Advanced editing tools – Annotate videos, trim footage, add effects and more without needing separate editing software
  • GIF creation – Export recordings as animated GIFs directly
  • Technical support – Get assistance from customer support technicians
  • Optimized performance – Uses GPU and hardware acceleration for smoother quality and fps during recording
Screen Recorder Price Platforms Supported Screen+Webcam Capture Built-in Editor Tech Support
Itop Screen Recorder Pro $29 Windows Yes Yes Yes

Compared to most free screen recording programs, Itop Screen Recorder Pro Download free stands out for its wide range of robust capabilities beyond basic screen recording. And it comes at a reasonable one-time price.

Itop Screen Recorder Pro Crack

Downloading and Installing the Software

To download Itop Screen Recorder Pro Crack:

  1. Download installation file and run it
  2. Follow the prompts to complete installation process

The setup wizard makes installing the software a quick, easy process. Within a few minutes, you’ll have Itop Screen Recorder ready to go for all your video capture needs.

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Configuring Recording Settings

Before starting your first recording, dive into the settings menu to configure:

Video Quality

Choose from different resolutions, aspect ratios and frame rates:

  • Resolution – Higher resolutions like 1080p result in clearer video
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Frame Rate – Higher fps provides smoother motion

There are also options to limit videos to a certain file size or restrict them to a set duration.

Audio Quality

  • Codec – Commonly used codecs like AAC or MP3 recommended
  • Bitrate – Higher bitrate = better quality

Output Folder

Set default save location for captured videos and screenshots. Can access files here after recording.


  • Enable webcam feed to include video box of yourself in recordings
  • Resize and position the webcam box overlay

And more advanced settings for hotkeys, mouse effects, scheduler and additional recording modes.

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Recording Your Screen

The screen recording capabilities are what most people want Free download Itop Screen Recorder Pro for. Here’s how to record:

  1. Launch Itop Screen Recorder
  2. Click the Record button to start recording
  3. To end recording, hit the Stop button
  4. Access the video file in your designated output folder

During recording you also have options to:

  • Pause/resume
  • Take screenshots
  • Enable camera feed overlay
  • Add annotations and mouse highlighting

By default, system audio will also be captured along with screen video.

Some users may want to record additional sources like:

  • Webcam video
  • External audio input from microphone
  • Screen and webcam mixed together

All these modes are supported with just a couple clicks.

Additional Recording Modes

Besides the standard screen recording function, Itop Screen Recorder has features to target more specific use cases:

Schedule Recordings
Set recordings to start automatically at specific dates and times. Useful for capturing meetings, webinars or broadcasts.

Loop Recording
Continuously record footage temporarily which gets written over in a set time loop. Hit save during recording to persist important moments. Helpful for monitoring systems or surveillance.

Webcam Only
Select webcam as sole video input without capturing screen. Add overlays and annotations.

Audio Only Record sound without visuals. Podcasters may benefit.

Hidden Recording
Record in stealth mode without the recording interface appearing on screen. Discreet for users.

Screenshot Tool Built-in utility to easily grab still screenshots.

Having options tailored for specialized recording needs makes Itop Screen Recorder stand out from simpler tools.

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Editing Recordings

Itop Screen Recorder has a built-in video editor so you can polish up recordings without needing separate editing software.

Use the editor to:

  • Trim footage
  • Rearrange clip order
  • Alter playback speed
  • Apply visual filters and effects
  • Add text annotations
  • Draw shapes and lines
  • Include intro and outro screens
  • Stitch multiple clips

Having basic but substantial editing functionality allows quick editing prior to sharing videos online or with colleagues.

Exporting and Sharing Videos

Once a recording is captured, you’ll probably want to save, share or upload it somewhere.

File Formats

Export videos in formats like MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, MOV and more. GIF option available too.

Save Locally

Download straight to your Windows PC in designated folder.

Share Online

  • Upload directly to YouTube
  • Send video file via email or file transfer
  • Share recording link

Itop Screen Recorder makes it simple to capture, edit and distribute videos without needing multiple programs.

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Troubleshooting Help

In the event something isn’t working properly, Itop Screen Recorder provides multiple support channels for troubleshooting:

  • Knowledge Base – Search documentation for solutions to common problems
  • Forum – Post to community forum for help from users and staff
  • Support Team – Directly contact tech specialists if other options don’t resolve issue

Having reliable technical support provides peace of mind for tackling any technical headaches.


Itop Screen Recorder Pro Crack stands above free screen recording tools as an affordably priced one-time purchase providing everything needed for professional-grade video capture on Windows devices.

With unlimited recording, built-in editing tools, webcam and audio options plus reliable support, Itop Screen Recorder aims to be an all-in-one solution for recording, editing and sharing screen footage.

From students to teachers to software testers to gamers and beyond, anyone needing to reliably record, edit and share screen activity will find excellent value in this software.

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