Arturia FX Collection Serial key 2023.12 Full Free Activated

The Arturia FX Collection Serial key bundles together 17 spot-on emulations of iconic analog hardware into one powerful effects plugin suite. From the gorgeous EMT 140 plate reverb to the gritty Roland RE-201 Space Echo, this bundle captures the mojo of sought-after studio gear in an accessible software format.

Overview of the Free download Arturia FX Collection

The Arturia FX Collection Download free is a suite of 17 effects plugins that faithfully recreate iconic analog studio hardware in software form.

The bundle contains:

  • Reverbs: EMT 140 Plate Reverb, Binson Echorec, Rev PLATE-140, Rev INTENSITY, Rev MODERN, Rev SW 6000
  • Delays: Roland RE-201 Space Echo, Stereo Tape Delay
  • Modulation: Phaser BI-TRON, Chorus Dimension D, Flanger 4000
  • EQs: Trident A-Range, Split EQ
  • Filters: Oberheim SEM, Transistor Bass
  • Compressors: Comp TUBE-STA
  • Preamps: Pre TridA, Pre 1973, Tube Preamp
  • Distortion: Analog Lab Drive

This diverse collection of effects allows you to get creative with sound design, mixing, post-production, and more. The interfaces stay true to the original hardware while adapting the controls for ease of use.

Arturia Fx Collection Serial key

Top Features of the FX Collection

What really makes Full version crack Arturia FX Collection stand out is the painstaking modeling Arturia conducted to capture the unique sound and vibe of all the featured hardware.

Authentic Analog Emulations

Each effect started from analyzing the electronic schematics of the original hardware. Arturia used state-of-the-art DSP to translate that analog circuitry into the digital realm.

The results speak for themselves – these effects capture subtleties like the drive of tubes, the depth of tape saturation, and the rich harmonic complexity that makes analog so pleasing.

Flexible Sound Design Controls

While the interfaces retain a retro aesthetic, Arturia enhanced certain elements for greater creative control.

There are expanded filter cutoff and resonance options on effects like the Oberheim SEM. You can sweep frequencies visually by clicking and dragging within the UI. And easy A/B comparison lets you assess the impact of parameter tweaks.

Syncing tempo-based effects like chorus, phasing and delays to your DAW is a breeze as well.

Formats for Every Setup

The Download free FX Collection Serial key works with all major DAWs and comes equipped with all the essential plugin formats:

  • VST
  • VST 3
  • Audio Units
  • AAX Native

So whether you use Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Ableton or another DAW, you can integrate these effects into your sessions.

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Top 5 Arturia FX Collection Serial key Plugins

With 17 distinct effects there’s a lot to explore, but a handful tend to be producer favorites. Here’s the scoop on 5 extremely useful Arturia effects plugins included in the bundle.

1. EMT 140 Plate Reverb

  • Iconic plate reverb from the ’70s and ‘80s
  • Known for rich, diffuse reverb with natural decay
  • Great for vocals, drums, strings and more
  • Mix control blends the dry and processed signal

2. Rev PLATE-140 Reverb

  • Based on the EMT 140’s transistorized reverb design
  • Clear, deep reverbs with adjustable high frequency damping
  • Upsample control reduces metallic artifacts in the reverb tail
  • Ideal for modern styles requiring dense reverbs

3. Roland RE-201 Space Echo

  • Emulates the beloved tape delay unit used by countless icons
  • Three playback heads and overdriven tape sound
  • Tweak tone, delay times, feedback, and more
  • Punchy analog warmth and imperfections of tape

4. Oberheim SEM Filter

  • Classic 12db per octave low pass filter from Oberheim synths
  • Adjustable cutoff and resonance parameters
  • Pad button adds warmth and saturation to the output
  • Shape any sound source – great for synthesizers or guitars

5. Binson Echorec Delay

  • Emulates the legendary tape-based delay of the 1960s and 70s
  • Eccentric and irregular delay patterns
  • Organic filtering, saturation, and tone shaping of the Binson
  • Unusual delays for adding movement to otherwise static sounds

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Using the Full version crack Arturia FX Collection Serial key Creatively

From breathy vocal reverbs to spacy guitar delays, the possibilities with these FX extend far beyond basic corrective mixing.

Here’s how to tap into the creative potential with some sound sources:


  • Add richness with the EMT 140 Plate or Hall reverb
  • Get vocal doubling effects with modulated delays
  • Strategic compression adds density and loudness


  • The Binson Echo and RE-201 provide organic warmth on drums
  • Drive the filters for unique tone shaping
  • Snappy compression thickens up kicks and snares


  • The Oberheim SEM filter smooths out harsh digital oscillators
  • Make basic waveforms more complex with the Chorus Dimension D
  • Shape vintage analog pads and strings with the Comp TUBE-STA


  • Go for Bonamassa blues tones with the Tube Preamp
  • The Analog Lab Lite distortion offers amp modeling tones
  • Add depth with the Modulation effect set subtly

The collection works wonderfully across any sound source – virtual instruments, drums, live recordings, and more. Explore the presets then get creative tweaking parameters manually!

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Integrating into Your Mix

With so many effects at your fingertips, working them into your mixes is part of the skill. Here are some techniques to blend these FX efficiently:

Use as Inserts

Adding Arturia’s FX as insert effects directly on tracks allows full control over the signals flowing through the effects.

For example, inserting the EMT 140 reverb on vocals means 100% of that track gets processed, allowing fine tuning of the reverb time and tone.

Utilize as Sends

By setting up effects like the chorus and delays as send/auxiliary effects, you can tap into the power while retaining a balanced, centered mix.

Sends let you blend just the right amount of effected signal with the dry track. Set up parallel Effects channels and send multiple tracks through the same FX instance.

Chain in Series

The flexibility of digital FX means we can simply add several effects after one another to create more radical sound changes.

Chaining the Tube Preamp into the Oberheim Filter into the Analog Delay results in some seriously transformed tones. Get creative exploring serial effect chains.

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Who is the FX Collection Serial key For?

While anyone can appreciate the high quality FX, this bundle caters best to:

Music Producers

The authenticity, flexibility and sheer variety of FX included here makes this a mix engineer’s dream bundle. Balancing elements of a mix like synthesized and acoustic drums, sub basses, pads, and leads relies heavily on applying great effects. This collection equips producers to create balanced, slick mixes with unique depth and vibrance.

Sound Designers

For multimedia content creators, post production engineers, and sound designers for games, film, television and more – this FX suite enables you to radically manipulate sound. Transform basic audio regions into lush soundbeds or get creative with Foley effects using these tools.

Verdict: A Game-Changing FX Suite

In the world of music production software, finding high-quality plugins that don’t destroy your CPU is certainly a challenge. Fortunately, the Free download Arturia FX Collection Serial key hits the sweet spot of great sounding analog emulations and efficient coding.

While not cheap, bundles like this provide staggering value compared to buying all the hardware copies or individual software versions of these iconic effects.

For the authentic analog warmth, zero-compromise sound quality, smart interfaces, and broad creative potential, Download free Arturia FX Collection Serial key earns a solid 5-star rating. Add this to your plugin arsenal and level up your mixes exponentially.

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