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How to Create Incredible 3D Models with Free download Adobe Substance 3D Designer Crack


Adobe Substance 3D Designer Crack is a powerful 3D modeling and texturing application that enables artists and designers to create photorealistic 3D models with customizable materials. With Substance integration across Adobe Creative Cloud apps like Photoshop and Dimension, it provides a robust end-to-end workflow for 3D design.

Adobe Substance 3D Designer Crack

Getting Started with Full version crack Adobe Substance 3D Designer Crack

Adobe Substance 3D Designer Crack has an intuitive interface that’s similar to other 3D tools. The main viewport shows your model, materials are edited in connected panels, and key settings are easily accessible in the menus.

When you first open Download free Adobe Substance 3D Designer Crack, you’ll see the model viewer, properties editor, materials browser, and other core panels. Across the top are menus for saving, exporting, rendering and configuring preferences.

The software can be downloaded and installed on both Windows and Mac devices. Be sure your machine meets the system requirements including at least 8GB of RAM, discrete graphics card, and a quad-core processor.

To access Substance software, you’ll need an Adobe Creative Cloud account subscription. This gives you access to the entire Adobe ecosystem in one subscription along with 100GB of cloud storage, Adobe fonts, portfolio, and more.

The free trial allows you to test out the app for 7 days before needing to subscribe. This is ample time to evaluate the workflow and capabilities.

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Creating and Importing 3D Models

Substance 3D Designer includes powerful modeling tools for constructing 3D assets from scratch. The modeling workflow uses polygons and vertex manipulation to shape forms with clean topology.

When modeling in Substance 3D Designer, focus on creating a clean, economical topology without unnecessary polygons. Objects should be fully closed and belong to a single mesh. Avoid holes, overlapping polygons, and inconsistencies.

If you have existing 3D models created in other applications like Maya, Cinema 4D, or Blender, you can import these assets into Substance 3D Designer to work on materials and renders.

Substance 3D Designer supports major 3D model file types include OBJ, FBX, ALEMBIC, glTF, COLLADA, IGES, STEP. For best results, export models using proper settings and clean up meshes before importing into Substance.

Working with Materials and Textures

One of the most powerful features of Substance 3D Designer is the procedural materials system. Materials are created using a node-based workflow by connecting and layering different texture effects.

The built-in material libraries provide presets for common materials like gold, wood, plastic, metal, stone, leather, and more. You can start with these, tweak parameters, and save custom versions.

To create your own materials from scratch, add a substrate then use effect nodes like Gradient, Perlin Noise, Voronoi, Graph Interpolation and more. Connect these nodes to control textures.

Getting realistic results involves fine-tuning settings like roughness, bumpiness, anisotropy, index of refraction and how the material reacts to light. Use smart materials and smart masks to easily produce variation.

For texturing, you can apply both tiled 2D bitmap textures as well as 3D procedural textures across model surfaces and handles UV unwrapping.

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Setting Up PBR Materials

To achieve photorealism, you’ll want to optimize materials for physically based rendering (PBR). This uses real-world physical calculations for how materials interact with light and the environment.

PBR materials require fine-tuning different properties and maps including:

  • Albedo – Diffuse base color texture
  • Metalness – How metallic vs. dielectric the material is
  • Roughness – Glossiness and surface imperfection
  • Normal – 3D bump map for surface detail
  • AO – Ambient occlusion for contact shadows

You can use Substance Source to easily convert traditional texture maps like diffuse, gloss, normals etc. into optimized PBR materials.

Dialing in the right settings takes experimentation and reference materials. Tweak parameters until the material reacts realistically based on lighting, angle of view, and environment.

Lighting and Rendering Your 3D Models

Substance 3D Designer includes powerful rendering capabilities from real-time OpenGL previews to final photorealistic renders.

For lighting, image based lighting using HDR environment maps produces the most realistic results. Position the lighting and make adjustments to the environment intensity and color.

Play around with the camera position, depth of field, and post-process effects to achieve your desired look and composition. Add polygon cuts on models to get edge wear and tear.

When ready to render, you can choose between a real-time openGL render preview or a final physically-accurate raytraced render. For animation, you can export 360 VR panoramas, MP4 video, and image sequences.

Integrating with Other Adobe Apps via Adobe 3D Crack Model Importer

A key advantage of Adobe Substance 3D Designer Full version crack is its integration with other Adobe Creative Cloud apps like Photoshop, Dimension, and Premier Pro.

You can open Substance 3D asset files directly inside Photoshop using the 3D Model Importer. This lets you apply Photoshop’s paint, masking, and filtering tools directly to 3D models.

Bring your 3D models into Dimension to art direct product shot visuals with lighting and photography effects. Composite your 3D renders into Photoshop scenes using layers and blending modes.

Premiere Pro also supports native imports of Substance materials and textures to add 3D motion graphics and titles to videos.


Adobe Substance 3D Designer Crack offers a robust toolkit for modeling, texturing and rendering 3D models with professional results. With its integration across Creative Cloud, you can incorporate stunning 3D content into a range of 2D and motion design projects.

This guide just scratched the surface of what’s possible with Substance Designer. For more information, explore the official documentation, tutorials, training courses and community forums.

The world of 3D design awaits! Download Free download Adobe Substance 3D Designer Crack today and start experimenting with materials, lighting, and rendering your own photorealistic 3D art.

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